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Anywhere In Texas (Park Kyle)

Traveling across the ocean Nothing seems to be in motion Eight hours of airplane flyin' Take it down. I feel like dyin' Thousands of miles away And no one knows a word that I say I wish right now that I could be in Texas Somebody please give me directions France And Germany They both looked the same to me Everywhere eyes stare my direction Criminal intent or music inspection A few songs for every Jack and Coke Once again drunk before I'd hoped We tune up and right away we're playing But all I want to see is someone singing CHORUS I don't need to go home But anywhere in Texas will be fine Some place I can go Where I can understand the payphone line I thought I wanted to roam But I just found out what I thought I would find I sure don't need to go home But anywhere in Texas will be fine Four cities in seven days Two bad shows and one didn't pay Third delay from isolated showers Stuck in an airport for five long hours Twelve dollars for a Jack and Coke Once again broke before I'd hoped San Marcos or Amarillo I want to go back to the 'Armadillo' CHORUS BRIDGE A cheap romance in France is gonna have to wait The girls I love are in the lone star state