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Big Time (Park Kyle)

What am I doing here What's really being done By playing this guitar Except breaking my heart I swear if I could only get One chance under the lights I'd show this world something new They wouldn't be able to hold on to I know this ain't the only thing That really matters in life But I don't know anything else I guess I'll just play by myself Until someone comes along That believes in what I do And gives me the strength I need And actually listens to me and says CHORUS Hey, let's make it big time We'll make it right, we'll do what we've got to do Let's make it big time 'Cause let me tell you, kid, I believe in you I'd take the world by storm Get back to the country side Where good ol' boys still played And music was more than just made That's how I'd play every song From the heart and from the soul I would make my dad so proud Together we would scream out loud