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Half Empty Shotgun (Park Kyle)

I rode up into town with a half empty bottle I threw it on the ground, that damn warm whiskey I mounted off my mare with a half empty shotgun But I don't seem to care, I'm gettin' more tonight I walk through the swingin' doors with my head down They all saw me keepin' eyes with the floor I walked up to the bar with a dead cold feeling I'd made it this far, I was gettin' more tonight CHORUS Still holding my half empty shotgun Still hoping for a time to use it right Keep on looking for the right kind of victim How this whiskey is the death of the night I grabbed the man by his own blue collar Said "In my hand, there should be a drink" I knocked away the glass and only took the bottle And rode away again, I'm gettin' more tonight CHORUS I'd just got out of town, surrounded by a clear night I thought I could try and catch up with the sun All I found was my feet falling all the way To the ground by myself there I lay I didn't move but the world wouldn't stop turning The sky seemed blue, but it was only my emotions I tried so hard to be so cool With a half empty bottle, or is it half full I rode back to town with a hand full of leather I jumped to the ground when I reached the world Took out my half empty shotgun and pulled the Trigger that made my life unwind I guess I got mine tonight