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Boys & Girls (Alabama Shakes)

Oh why can't we be best friends anymore? They say a friend ain't to be between a girl and a boy I don't know why said it, or why it gotta be so wrong? Oh why don't you call, don't you car anymore? It's not fair, don't let 'em get you They took us both and now I gotta fish you Well I don't know how to fix you They say it's just the way it's gotta be but how so? Why Is an awful lot of questions And I can't get me no answer I keep wondering on. Oh why can't you see that I'm not trying to be no kind of bother I'm just trying to say whats left between you and me And where we left it before they took it And you know they took it all and took off oh why did i let them drive a wedge between well i watched it, not to say nothing and now i'm crying when i sleep now i say it, i pray it, to that sweet melody in my soul Why is an awful lot of question I can't give them no answer I keep wondering on I wanna know, who said it who said it all wrong