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Barges (McTell Ralph)

Me and my brother returned to the water I saw a pike that was two feet long. Two small magicians, each with a jam jar Cast spells on the water with hazel twig wands. Country boys catch tadpoles, dive into water Made shy by their laughter, we wandered down stream And summer rolled o'er us with no complications 'Cept thinking of Mama sometimes in dreams. Stand by the drawbridge, waiting for barges Waiting around for smiles from the man. Lifting the bridge whilst watching the horses Dragging the slow boats up the canal. I do remember the times but no number After the day, but before evening comes Waiting for castles and kettles with roses Painted on barges that sailed into the sun. Oh, see the river run, that was by man begun Open the locks, let the boats sail on, Taking their castles and kettles with roses With summers of childhood leaving smiles on the man.