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Grande Affaire (McTell Ralph)

Take a bus, who needs a car We'll eat here, take this seat near the door. Well I'm not hungry much now, are you? Is it ok if I share yours with you? I've got no money and I think I believe that you knew. Remember the moon on the wall, didn't she shine? The taste of the sheets and the feel of the wine. Wasn't I glad that you was mine In the Grande Affaire? Take a boat, maybe a plane, Anywhere now, 'cept Greece or Spain. For sure, I know where I am, I see canals, this is Amsterdam. I got friends here and they know, they can say who I am. Remember the room without any view? Frightened of meeting someone that we knew, No farewells or how-do-you-dos In the Grande Affaire. Now I've stayed in all the best hotels, And there's white coated waiters attend me, And I look at the beautiful girls, Do they really believe they can bend me? Well I drive now seldom I walk. I can speak French, but I'd rather not talk. Which suit will I wear tonight? Take out the brown, but in the end wear the white. After shade stepping out stepping into the light. Remember the moon on the wall didn't she shine, The year was all wrong so we sent back the wine, Wasn't you glad that you was mine In the Grande Affaire?