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Back To Times Of Splendor (Disillusion)

Half way through the wheat, my golden foe With his itching ears in the scorching heat. The weight of summer, torment to my hands Armed with a sickle I am out for his beguiling glance. Thought I heard a mare neighing from the creek Where in every hour spared we anxiously would meet. Drunken whispers no one could hear 'Til the day when hordes of wasps Poisoned every hour so passed. She was faint as I when she spoke to me. Reluctantly. Words came through Words of leaving here and leaving me. And her eyes grew bigger then Bound in moonlit glittering. She Leaned to me and whispered tears into my ear. Well, I went to see the creek again And many a day I'd stand at its shoreline wondering If it might be heading north Through the timber, passed the lake and our chalet should have gone with her, should have gone with me. But I stayed when she begged me to come with her, never to separate, never to be alone. And lept silent when I should have sung the song of heart And remained loyal to the thief. There is a road that I must travel May it be paved or unseen May I be hindered by a thousand stones Still onward I'd crawl down on my knees At sudden swallows took upon the scene Heralding what I could not have foreseen a threat of rain on the dark horizon A strong foreboding of a storm arising. And willows'd roar, midges dazzled birches sigh from painful lessons lessons they'd learned in life that every stem breaks if bent too far. Will I run for a shelter and quiver ? Will I run away, be idle and shiver ? And thunders pound so hard, pound the drums of warfare Hungry clouds draw closer with reptile teeth as lightning Is it the fear of the inevitable that is keeping me awaiting? I am rigid as of reverence, still and enduring. I must have seen it coming. Oh my longing's neverending. Time's so pale So come with colors, paint it burning red I fear no more, can see clearly now The morning sun beyond the clouds. And when the dark night seems endless With only a quarter moon left of light I am longing back to times of splendor Longing far away, away from here and back to you. I swagger back and forth dancing the betrayer's dance For the last of all times, I swear For the last damn time, I swear ! I am over and through with all your lectures I know this is the right step to do Over and through with all you lectures I know this is the right thing to do ! if I don't leave now I will be lost in the hot burning dungeon they have oh so thoroughly prepared for me to all eternity. Hear her whispering feel my cheek ablaze And I take the first step of a thousand more to come. There is a road that I must travel May it be paved or unseen May I be hindered by a thousand stones Still onward I'd crawl down on my knees.