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Submission (Disillusion)

Your desk, your seat, You dedicate all to your greed It feeds your hand Your eyes will starve In noman's land You learn, your work, you'll break, Now swallow shit you jerk Your life afflicted, Just pictures of again-addicted Your time is up Before you even notice A social servant Misused as an account-dtergent Don't you tell me That's all you want your life to be, Cause once you made it, It's already over You are, you know, A tangled puppet crawling slow Misled, misfed With lies that you Could not reject Your mouth keeps shut Your brain cut off For you're corrupt Your mind, your breath Will serve and finally end in death Self-esteem, a word you never Heard it seems A look, your face reveals Your fragile life's disgrace Accept what I think about Your fucking "life" - You failed your aim, You're useless In this endless game Submission