Paid In Full (Volumes)

Unleash this day, this day of redemption. Where lambs become lions, and kings become pawns. In this life, we are always emperors. Emperors and fools, searching for blood We are all corrupted and cruel This is all coming to an end. There is an insect walking this earth, Embedding vile anchors into our hearts. Redeemer, TEAR HIM APART! My king will bring this to an end. Give your enemies an inch, Watch them steal a mile. Hand the wicked one your time, Watch him stay awhile. Drop your guard, God is your refuge and your strength, Dwell within him, The righteous root cannot be moved. Depart From These ways, Sunk In-to Your Veins. Broken Promises Landed This In The First Place. Be still, and know that I am God. BE STILL! I was crucified with Christ, A lamb slain, A world forgiven. Now Christ lives within me. Each day I live, I live by faith in him. Though a thousand have fallen by my side, The Mornings reach will not come near. Ten thousand have fallen at my right hand, That pestilence has not touched me, The serpent's reach has not come near. It sits in anguish, while vacancy fills its air. Though I've tried Ive tried, and I've failed. I know, you'll be here, Watching, hoping.