The Columbian Faction (Volumes)

I am the most unhappy man, I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation, is now destroyed by its system of credit. We're slowly shattering, silhouettes of a glass society. From the depths of you shed, the diamond. From Wilshire to Grand Central, buildings will crumble, structures to piles. You tell me this jury, is this dollar loaned to me. Labeled the catalyst, the X amount and it is recycled back to me. Recycled back to me. Live for this vivid vision. A vision I see, a vision for you. A vision for you. From my window, I could see exploding lights underneath the veil, over the speedway. I burst right through the sky And stumble in the clouds I see you in a million dimensions Now you are finally found I wrote all night long. (We always did exactly what we were told) They never wanted us to know. (I wrote all night long) A vision of a place that we call home. (About a lifetime that we once knew) They never wanted us to know. (The age of innocence) A vision of a place that we call home. The story of the oversaw. Your loyalty means nothing to me. Expect to be stopped, not to be fucked. We try to break the boundaries. My mind is numb entire cities washed away. This microchip upon a new contradiction is a new contrary.