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Christmas In La (The Bobs)

Santa's helpers in the mall - new graffiti on the wall We're victimized by urban sprawl It's Christmas in LA See the mansions of the stars - valet elves are parking cars Reindeer strippers in the bars It's Christmas in LA I dream of trees and ornaments And a crackling yule log The lights are twinkling cause they're shining through a killer smog Those who can have hit the slopes - after office party gropes Leaving us with only hopes It's Christmas in LA Padding out expense accounts - silicone with extra bounce Buy a pound and get an ounce It's Christmas in LA When I fly down from San Francisco I hear music in the air A million car alarms are _caroling_ - no one seems to care Take this with a grain of salt - they've un-frozen Uncle Walt Don't know if it's Goofy's fault It's Christmas in LA Snowballs made of styrofoam - plastic trees in every home All the kids are home alone It's Christmas in LA