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Pounded On A Rock (The Bobs)

Have you seen my woman walkin'? With a basket on her head She looks so strong and healthy Lord, she's not underfed Pounded Pounded on a Rock She's goin' down to the river Gonna dump that laundry in Gonna take those soiled and dirty things And make 'em white again Pounded Pounded on a Rock Oh, yeah, I love my woman With her arms of thunder and steel But when she wraps those arms around me It's mixed emotions that I feel When she comes home at night I feel joy, and I feel fright I know she means to please me But Lord, the way she squeeze me Feels like I'm Pounded Pounded on a Rock Some folks say I'm lazy A worthless, shiftless skunk They see me in the daytime Staggerin' round like I was drunk I get up to feed the chickens But that's about all I can handle I got to rest and save my strength 'Cause she's burnin' both ends of my candle That woman's burnin' all my candle Pounded Pounded on a Rock (And it hurts!) Feels like I'm pounded Pounded on a Rock Pounded on a Rock