After All These Years (T-Bone Burnett)

I heard you saw her again last evening I heard you'd been with her for two or three days I still have her picture taped to my mirror Did she still look the same after all these years? I remember her as the most beautiful woman Was her hair still blond? Were her eyes still blue? Were they soft and gentle or filled with tears? Did she still look as hurt after all these years? I lost track of her way back in the sixties I even heard that she had tried suicide There were rumors the government killed her career Did she still look as scared after all these years? Will they ever uncover her terrible secret And untangle the mystery of her life? Will they ever know why she disappeared? Was she still as gone after all these years? Was she still as alluring, still as seductive? Could she still drive you crazy by the look on her face? Did she still have a whisper you could hear cross an ocean? Was she still a scandal still a disgrace? Was she still as impossible, still as voluptuous? Still as helpless and full of fears? Was she still as provocative, still as compelling? Was she still as late after all these years?