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Hefner And Disney (T-Bone Burnett)

Somewhere between Never Neverland and Wonderland In a land called Never Wonderland There lived a beautiful wealthy young divorceé With a checkered past and a bad memory Who should probably remain nameless And men traveled from far and wide and try to win her hand And she took in stragglers from all over the known world Her newest guests were as her mother called them "The latest Russians to defect" One's name was Hefner the other's name was Disney Disney smoked a pipe and was very philosophical He was constantly surrounded by go go girls He used to take pictures of them without any clothes on And sell them to the neighborhood children Hefner on the other hand was not so introspective He loved a good story just like anybody else In fact he loved the myths of Never Wonderland so much That he made elaborate molded plastic sculptures Of the characters in the myths And then he'd set them out in the garden Until he had built a whole 'nother land in Never Wonderland Which he called Hefnerland The neighborhood children loved them They had lots of fun playing in Hefnerland And looking at all Disney's go go pictures Because they didn't know any better And they didn't know any worse But the beautiful, wealthy, young divorceé thought That they were only after her money Sometimes she even wished they would go back to Russia But between you and me they were really dupes of the Wicked King Who wanted to rob the children of their dreams