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House Of Mirrors (T-Bone Burnett)

He was born in Brooklyn And grew up in the Church of Rome There was a girl there who loved him and had faith He loved her like a madman, he loved her like a fool He got a lot of big ideas And fought his way up to mad avenue He navigated that bizarre world easily He did good work and he was smart He knew his superiors, he disdained his inferiors He was proud and dignified and she waited The more money made, the more he wanted The more glory he got, the more he wanted His appetites were never sated Everything he knew about himself He drew from what was around him You know this suit is you, this car is you This studio is you People were no different, people were also his mirrors Often he was their mirror as well Life became complicated and overstated And underrated and she waited The more power he got, the more he wanted naturally The more women he had, the more he wanted His appetites were never sated She finally married a wine salesman and had three children Sometimes he thinks of her But it's a gnawing, painful memory Eventually, like Napoleon, he attacked Russia