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Comatose (FGFC820)

I should've heard what they told me Everything that they said about you But I thought I knew better Now I see that you've been untrue Wish I knew what I know now I should've trusted myself I gave you everything I had And you put me through hell I was afraid you'd think I'm nothing Now I feel like I'm comatose Convinced myself maybe we had something Or is that what I feared the most? I tell myself that your words can't hurt me I'm holding out for a brighter day When everything that I love deserts me Happiness is just a bullet away I understand that you used to love me Wasn't much, but it made you cry Even now as you stand above me I'm a victim of your fucking lies It's too late to ask forgiveness You're going to get what you deserve They say you only hurt the ones that you love It's about time that you got burned