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Let's Dance (Hezekiah Walker)

If you came to the praise party then you can't leave the same way you came in Tell Him what you want, what you want you can have if you want to be free from sin It's never too late if you want to celebrate in the body of Christ like me You better get it while the getting is good you can have it, if you grab it while the getting is free Get up with me, stand on your feet Move out my way, I've got to priase today Lift your voice, saints make some noise Raise your hands, move your feet let's dance It doesn't matter what color you're my brother if you can breathe Let me take you to a lover that'll love you from the top of your head to the sole of your feet He comes that you might have life and that you might have it abundantly You better get it while the getting is good, you can have it if you grab it while the getting is free They that sow in tears shall reap in joy Rejoice Rejoice in the Lord ye righteous saints If sins got you rapped up tight in bondage Got you feeling like a slave in hostage Ste up, pay your dues and homage Join the crew with the saints of God kid If you want it, it can be liek that Ain't no payment on it baby It can be like that Don't be blowing up your vision, you can see like that You're welcome to the brotherhood, dance