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Try Christ (Hezekiah Walker)

Solo verse Tried in every way Hope to see the day All the pain will be gone Problems linger on and it seems all hope is gone and you feel all alone Trying to win the fight You tossed all night Looking for what's right The more you try To do what's right You can't see the light What will you do to find the way out Try Christ Choir: Oh Solo: Friends come and go Choir: Oh Solo: Like you know Choir: That's just how they be Solo: They be they be Choir: Oh solo: They say to you Choir: Oh solo: I will I will come through Choir: But when the day is through Solo: The day is through, you run to him Choir: You run to him Solo: This so Choir: This friend Solo: called friend Choir: Oh Solo: Who said Choir: oh Solo: He would come through, oh but he's not there Tenor: But he's not there Solo: No one seems to care Tenor: No one seems to care Solo: Now what will you do, what will you do oh lord 2nd verse Choir: The weight is great Solo: The weight is great Choir: Don't hesitate Solo: Why hesitate, there's hope for your life try christ, it will be better, try christ he'll make it better, try christ (repeat 2nd verse) Choir: Try christ, he'll make it better (Repeat 5x) Solo: Try christ, try christ