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One Trick Pony (Holly Cole)

One trick pony one trick Is all that horse can do He does one trick only It's the principal source of his revenue Steps in the spotlight feel the heat Of his heart come rising through See how he dances See how he loops from side to side See how he prances The way his hoofs just seem to glide He's just, just a one trick pony that's how he is But he turns that trick with pride He makes it look so easy He looks so clean He moves like one of the gods Immaculate machines He makes me think about All these extra moves I make All of the herky jerky motion And the bag of tricks it takes To get me through my working day He's a one trick pony He's a one trick pony He either fails or he succeeds He gives his testimony Then he relaxes in the week He's got one trick to last a lifetime. That's all a pony needs One trick pony One trick pony One trick pony One trick pony