Lich King

King Lich

In the hills, past the wretched abyss
Through the reeking bogs and carrion mists
Up the trail, to the black castle gate
Undead lord is the master of fate

Run and scream with your heart in your throat
Past the drawbridge and over the moat
Tattered robe and yellowed bone
Undead lord on his slaughterhouse throne

Give into fear, all hail the dead
What once was damned has been risen instead
Give into hate, all now are lost
Your ghoul demigod and his black holocaust

All hail the lich king

Heads on pikes on the turret walls
Vollies of thunder and fire he calls
A necromantic maelstrom of lightning and sin
Undead lord and the skeletal grin

Give into fear, all hail the dead
Throne and the crown and the rivers of red
Give into doom, all lost in the dark
Scepter and sword of the hated monarch

All hail the lich king

Ancient evil, crowned corpse mage
Enemies butchered and peasants enslaved
Crying for mercy, you're barely alive
Undead lord, wicked wizard denies