Return To Glory


Remember the times we had in the past
Skies turned to black
Depression spread fast
Here we return to fulfil our quest
The fire will burn
In your chest

Now see our storm it sweeps over you
The legend unborn is coming true
We've marched over peaks
And we've stood in the war
For long time we've sought
Our sighting was far

Marching with coldness inside our souls
The forces of thunder
Will lead us the road
To come to the lands
Were we once had gone
To bring back the glory into town

We will never forget all the pleasure we had
On our way to find the legacy
Our ancestors once gave the treasure to us
Uncertain of our destiny

See us return
We're back again to earn glory for our victory now
See us return
To bring the light back in town

Hundreds of convicts
Have relied on us
Now look in their eyes
Reflecting their luck
The forecast is big
We put in new crop
So hear our words
We'll go to the top