7th And Last


Will there be a tomorrow?
Have we learned enough?
Will we find the answers illuminated by the sun?

Hear the great voice echoing
Announcing new times
Bringing seven angels, bringing death or life

... And earth will see the prophecy
When an angel opens the seven seals

- Don't fear for what you've heard
'Cause I'm the first and last

Waiting for the seventh and last breath
Waiting for our darkest day
For many years life has been wasted
But now we have to pay
When the sky shows its shadowy face
And stars fall on us
You will see the wrath of the lamb
Revealing secrets to dust

Stare at the face of the ancients
Sitting on their thrones
Burning candles of fire while moon turns to blood
And the mighty angel puts his foot on the earth
Plays the seventh trumpet
And the secret is done

And then the blackened sun
Will cross the universe covering the sky
Thunder will chime their voices
Leaving men a choice
- We will survive!

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