Memories Running


Living tied to the ground
The shadows feed my eyes
A lot of years been wasted
By the innocence of life

Always looking at the same horizon
And my freedom seems so far
I cannot hear the sounds of silence
'Cos there are voices around

Why can't I see the light of day?
Why are all my dreams thrown away?
Memories running through my head
it makes remembrances come back
While I'm waiting in this cold cell
I see my days repeat the past

Hear the cry of nightmares
Each day becomes so loud
I tried to find the answers
And give a meaning to it all

Our souls are full of sorrow
We're waiting for the unknown
I know that I won't last forever
But I will make it my own

Times goes by slowly
While the sand drains from my hands
Where's the old storm I used to know
Trying to disguise the distance
But it's hard to face this alone
Sometimes I thing they'll never let me go