Oh it's the handsome, yeah
I'm on a lazy flex, I'm on a lady flex
Never at the gym, everyday I'm having sex
I'm on a lazy flex, I'm on a lady flex
Bitches fall in love, bitches love the rough sex
Slap her face, fuck her in the butt
Bitches like to know their place and I don't need to act
Hands around their neck, grab her by the hair
Girls with daddy issues, just like when you don't care

Everyday I'm having sex, never fucking hustling
Never need to work, bitches pay me to bust one in
When I'm done with dinner, I never see the bill
When I'm done with bitches, they start seeing Dr. Phil

When it's cold outside, I wear bitches as my coat
I don't need no swimsuit, I got bitches on my boat
Skinny fit tees, skinny fit jeans
Skinny fit bitches on my fingers, got rings

I pump up my girls, I give them slaps, I give them pinches
I don't need no fuel, I go Flintstones on my bitches
I don't need no driver's license, they can drive my car
Bitches don't know how to drive, so I won't get too far

Never using condoms, I fuck bitches wearing bitches!
Now my bitch in pain, the other needs some stitches
My bitches they train, so bitches ain't bitches
Cause when I take a nap someone need to work the kitchen

I got bitches who want my beach, when my bitches on vacation
No GPS, bitches know what's my location
Not using phone, I'm on a headless flex
Bitches wear my tees, I send them as my text

I don't need no pool, I'm making bitches wet
I got so much pussy, I use bitches as my pet
I'm so lazy, I'm so lazy
But if you had my life, you wouldn't fucking blame me!

This life is weird, not sure how to say it
I'm just claiming random shit, and these bitches obey it
Got a bitch for every tweet, and one for every need
I got farmer bitches, science bitches all getting my weed

Buy a case, they can't supply with haze, kush and cheese
Only here the finest bushes, bitches wanna please
Didn't say a thing and they already on their knees
All these anorexic bitches are surviving on my jizz

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