A Night to Remember

Witchfinder General

One night I was feeling low,
I'd got nothing to do; I'd got nowhere to go,
so I pumped some drugs inside to get myself high,
I drank a belly full of cider and kissed reality goodbye.
My head was on a pole floating in space,
I saw the man on the moon; he'd got a smirk on his face,
I met my girl on a satellite,
he didn't complain she'd been on him all night.
I'm tripping off to a party,
it's brewing up in my head,
don't gate crash my party,
just roll your own joint instead.
A Jack Daniels was put in my hand,
I lit up a match, which stuck up the band,
the hula girls were the stars of the show,
with their little grass skirts, they were a shit hot blow.
So many doom brains getting high as a kite,
smoking weed and getting pissed all night,
I went to the bar to order more wine,
I saw the Queen of England snorting a speeding fine.
I'm tripping off to a party,
I'm having the time of my life,
don't gate crash my party,
you can cut the air with a knife.
Well funk it Kickman!
The president was crashed out on the floor,
I switched on the T.V. to see who's starting a war,
the Pope was preaching live and let live,
he was sipping a Guinness and smoking a spliff.
My brain's in overdrive screaming for more,
when the fuzz arrived trying to break down my door,
time to split the joints and try to break free,
I was too drunk to stand, I was too stoned to see.
Don't gate crash my party, - I'm so legless tonight.
don't gate crash my party,- just find your own joint,
don't gate crash my party, - I'm really out of my tree,
don't gate crash my party, - hey, who's nicked my face man?
Don't gate crash my party, - don't boguard that joint there Shakey!
Don't gate crash my party;- oh, you're a long time dead man.

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