Witchfinder General

I've been sentenced to death, now my time's near it's end,
but I'm completely innocent and committed no crime.
I did what any man would do to assist a friend,
my woman's existence cut short in her prime
She was the one; she came to me and a new world began
in loving ecstasy we thought we'd grow old gracefully.
Years passed and her her health fell in decline,
a shadow of a girl that was once mine,
her trembling voice that gasps for every breath,
her weary hands that try and hold back death.
'Twas a tragic end to her long suffering.
A lethal dose will ease you from the pain,
just close your eyes and your dignity will remain.
Peacefully drift away.
Hard to hold back the tears as I watched her die,
thinking of all the happy times now we must part,
it's hard to hide and escape from her dying cry,
it's like a stake being driven through my broken heart.
Her body cold and still, the loneliness of the silent chill,
her ghostly groan casts a shadow across our devastated home
So hear my story 'cause the truth is here to see,
I did what was best and set my lover free,
a judge and jury failed to forgive,
they say I denied her the right to live.
'Twas a peaceful end to her long suffering.
Rest in peace my dear; I freed you from the pain,
wait in heaven and we will unite again.
'Cause dead men tell no tales.
After five years on death row still waiting my fate,
my plea fell on deaf ears, the law of the land states,
I must hang from the gallows-the customary practice,
daylight dawns another miscarriage of justice.