Joy & Happiness

The Old Dead Tree

My friend, we can't forget you 
As you wanted us to do. 
This letter you've written... 
These words... Your last deed. 

We can't forget, we can't forget 
The one you used to be. 
But we will always smile 
When we'll think about... 
These great moments of joy and happiness. 

But there is something 
That we won't forget either, 
That will always be present 
In our souls and in our minds: 

Whenever we smile, 
We can't take away this taste 
That lingers in our mouths 
(The) taste of eternal regret. 

We miss you my beloved friend, 
More than we thought it was possible. 
We miss you my beloved friend, 
It will never be the same (again). 

(Be)cause all this time, all this time we've 
Passed together has changed us. 

All this time, all this time 
Obsess our thoughts every day. 

And everyday we'll have a thought 
For the soil in which you lay.