The Bathroom Monologue

The Old Dead Tree

I can remember a lot of moments with you 
Talking and talking again 
Dreaming on music 
Becoming famous, playing with our idols 
Joking about Nicolas car 

Yes, a lot of times 
So I can't understand yet 
And I start to feel very cold 
In this bath that is getting empty 
Just like me 

I'm speaking alone 
Can't you realise? 
Can't you realise? 
Look at me now 

I think I couldn't feel worse 
Speaking to a ghost 
The best friend I ever lost 

Look at me now 
You have to realise 
My friend 
How huge is 
The mistake you've done 

No I couldn't feel worse 

What have you done my friend 
What the hell he's done something like that? 
Why did you hide your pain? 
Why didn't you ask for some help? 
Maybe he did? 
I think I'm lost 
Yes I think I'm really lost 
I don't know what to think 
There's like emptiness of myself 

A pathetic naked boy speaking to the walls 
We could call it the bathroom monologue 
What do you think about that? 

But wherever you are I hope you keep laughing 
Just keep laughing.