It's a see-saw ride of love and hate, sometimes I feel the pain.
And there are so many questions that it's driving me insane.
And every now and then we find a solution.
But only when all other ways have reached the very end.

Why do we ride ourselves to the ground?
Why do we ride ourselves to the ground?

It seems that we push our emotions without cause. When will it end?
We feed our desires by finding the answers, this is the message I send.

An if there's hope we can understand.
And accept one another's point of view.
We dream and we strive to get there one day.
We only get one chance on this one world, one life beginning.

You're riding your friend, your heart is turning,
You're changing your ways.
You're riding your love, you're feeling complete,
These are better days.

Let's ride. Let's ride.

You're riding your feelings, you're riding your love,
You're riding the chain of life.
You're riding your dreams, you're riding your feelings,
You're sitting on the edge of a knife.

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