Love Is Not A Four Letter Word


I've been meaning to say something to you
Hey, can I talk to you?
Baby, please
Please please.. no, listen
I just
I just been trying to figure out how to tell you that
(I miss you)
That if you gone keep ignoring these texts
And feeding my regrets about things I did wrong
Then you got another thing coming
(Lord knows I miss you)
Cause I ain't thinking about you
I got plenty cold ones blowing up my phone as we speak
And as you slander and tweet
Saying what really is on your mind
Saying things you never had the time to tell me
Ima go see someone 23, 22, 25, 34
But more mature
My sister told me you were too young
But I ain't listen to her
I should have cut you from the start
You ain't breaking my heart
You showing your true colors
Running a flutter as soon things get to clutter
You ain't ever seen a gutter before
Well, look no further
Here's one, between my utters
I'll show you the gutter, the toilet, the flusher
And the usher to take you out of my sight
After all this shit is over
I'm not a relationship goal poster, a Casanova
I can give you pugs, flowers, rubs your shoulders
I can send you paragraphs
With shit I'm gonna say over, over and over
That shit is corny
(I miss you)
That shit only happens on the internet
A bae won't last everyday
That's not what love is
Love is a kiss to the gun
Love is after you realize you don't like
But still love
Love is not a four letter word