Sweet N Sour


[Raury's Mom (Raury):]
My thing is that you act like I don't supposed to have a motherfucking opinion. (Is this something that I really am so invested to? I'm just gonna try out, to do everything in my power to do, to get there as soon as I can). My point is what you do, it concerns me still

[Raury's Mom (Raury):]
"Oh you hate?" I don't think [?] in the game, ain't no tit for tat shit around here, I'm telling you exactly what I feel. I have a right to my opinion, and I feel like you sit there and you wanna try to bully me to think the way you want me to think. I'm still a parent, and I still have a right to my opinion. And when it all boils down, ain't nobody's fucking opinion gonna count but mine. Not even Raury

[Raury (Raury's Mom):]
All I'm saying is if I'm really gonna do this I'm gonna do it. It just needs to be done and I just feel like you're trying to delay it. (What I'm delaying though? What have I done to make you feel that, make you really think I'm trying to stop you from doing some music?) I've never understood why you always had to think about it, I thought you was doing that just to, what, I dunno what [?], like remain in control over me or something? Like you just keep doing it just to, just, what? Keep re-establishing your power over me? That's how I feel like you're trying to be. (I'm not saying you can't do these things, that I'm not gonna let you do these things, but don't act like I'm the one going against you. I'm the only one you got on your motherfucking team, no matter what. I ain't trying to benefit from shit you doing, but [?] guess what? What you doing out there, they gotta get they cut. They gonna get they 200%, they gonna get they 30%, they gonna get whatever. I'm ain't trying to use you in no way, I'm trying to guide you the right way

[Raury's Mom:]
Because as a parent, God knows [?] don't stop when you God damn get grown. It always, cause you not, you're not in our thoughts, you're in our hearts at that point

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