Don't Play With Me

Dem Franchize Boyz

Bitch don't play with me 
Bitch don't play with me 
Bitch don't play with me 
Bitch don't play with me 
I ain't no one to fuck wit
I ain't no one to fuck wit
I ain't no one to fuck wit
I ain't no one to fuck wit

Bitch don't play with me don't even wave to me 
It's a wrap ye ain't got nothin' else to say to me 
Make a nigga snap or see me straight flip bitch 
Fuckin' with some G gon' get that ass killed bitch 
And if the cops come? Fuck if the cops come 
Cause I'ma do the sweep, hell yeah with my shotgun 
Blow a fuckin' fuse and be wonderin' why he did that 
Tried to keep it cool yeah I'm comin' to push your wigs back 

I squeeze big triggers, that'll rip when I blast techs 
And I tote handguns with clips the size of giraffe necks 
With the red beem on it (beem on it) so I can't miss 
And I shoot k's (shoot k's) with Ben Frank clips 
What's that? That's 100 rounds, Eepty? That's 100 down 
Fuck with DFB and you gon hear how 100 sound 
I pump and break it down, when I cock it and spit slug 
Put your knees on your ankles, and your chest where your hip was  

Gimme that gun, gimme that man, gimme that keys, I'm at his ass 
Talk that shit, now see is he bad, I'm a make him do the motherfuckin' dance 
Catch up with him, just like chad, put one in his motherfuckin' ass 
Leave 'em all bloody, like a big pad. Crunchy Blac, I don't ass crash 

I'm bout to walk up to your house knock on the door and blow your brains out 
Then buck you in your chest so fuckin' hard it knock the stains out 
I'm one of them crazy cats that kick your ass and knock them thangs out 
I got a 12 inch dick in your girl mouth I'm a let it hang out 

Yeah, bounce bounce star, bounce bounce star 
Three 6 mafia and the franchise huh? 
We put a bitch on blast 
Dirty south we'll blast your ass 

Every nigga that fuck with me (test me), that's the nigga I'm a check 
Turn his whole chest into a muh fuckin' fish net 
I ain't no one to fuck with, stuff you in the truck nigga 
Have you tracked out, trapped up, bent up nigga 
I got transporters that's workin' for a couple figures 
And a couple slick colors, on a nigga play the trigger 
Shoot a nigga down yup, that's courtesy the young dealer 
Niggas with attitude natural born young killers 

Now bitch don't play wit me cause I got the K with me 
Load it up, cock it back, get all in they face with it 
I ain't no one to fuck wit, better get your issue right 
Nut in them bitches and he ready to light that dynamite 
Z-M-P niggas hate it so I stay strapped 
Run up on a nigga and put a whole in his wave-cap 
It's Pimpin' nigga, steady trippin' on my off day 
Blowin' purp all day run more blocks than in your ice tray