Stand Tall


I see da wicked man will have to fall
And all da righteous man dem haffi stand tall
And de wrong man none dem go call
And all dem back against de wall dem fall

Long time me ha warn dem but dem never waan listen
Tell dem da dis de one whey get de blessin
Listen to de birds when u hear dem ha sing
Listen to de leaves all on de treeling
Watch all de fishes when u see when dem swim
Every living thing haffi come hail de king
And all de waters of the spring
Me sing hey

The wicked man fall but de righteous man stand
Yes we haffi come fi repartriation
Black government me say black redemption
Emperor selassie ha de almighty one

Yes black people full time you tek a stand
Yes we haffi bun batty man and de sodomites

Well di righteous man he must stand fi real
Wicked man dem ago fall pon dem steel
Dem a try eat de youth dem meal
Over the high youth yuh tek off de feel
As a second selassie is real
No man was worthy to buss up de seal
Oh wonder how babylon did feel
Well rastafari did buss the seal
No dem cyaay de rastaman meal
Bingi man no trump dem hail again no got

Babylon will have to fall
Dem cyar rise not at all
dem ago bout to di house of saul
To the righteous dem no neva call so mi sing again