Getting Over The Overs


Yeah. Now I fucking get it what you meant
When you said moving as far as I can will change everything

I never understood it than but I understand it now
The options are slim-the placements perfect no one knows me here

And all those minutes I spent screaming at the wall.
Hoping maybe your picture could answer back
And sometimes yes sometimes I wish I didn't care.
Yes sometimes I wish I could never hear your voice.
Than maybe this would be easy-maybe this would be as simple
As the way I hurt you with out thought
Or reason without a shred of compassion... 
And for the fuck ups I'm never coming home.

It's so easy when there is someone else to blame

But I see that same fucking face every fucking day.

I'm spending every second wishing I could take it all back

And you were so fucking different

This is the end

I never got it I never knew what you meant

You only appreciate someone when there fucking gone

And you kept drinking, until I didn't exist
Well I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm desperate
I'm sorry and for once I'm speechless.