Friday Night

Carlson Katrina

Danny's got a job in touchdown town
Push 'em back and knock 'em down
His fingers in the grass tear up the ground
The smell of autumn fallin 'round
Now the crowd is getting loud
Time to make 'em proud

On Friday Night
Take me to a field and flood the lights
On Friday Night
Damn it good to be alive

Danny, he was born in touchdown town
With the steel mills long shut down
His mama put a football in his crib
She hoped he'd do what his daddy did
Grow up strong and learn to play
Take 'em all the way


Danny's got a ride
He's college bound with pride
Danny's getting outside
He can play
He might stay
But there's no place like home
There's no place like home

Danny's got a boy in touchdown town
And all eyes are on him now
But Danny only wants him to be free
To be what he wants to be
So he smiles and takes his hand
As they climb the stands up high