My Turn

Diva Destruction

I knew the day would come, but 
It's way too late, too bitter to enjoy 
Can you take the pain you gave? 
You should have thought of that 
As you sealed your fate 
You won the battles then, but I'll 
Win the war in the end you'll see 
This Phoenix will rise again, it will 
Fly again, far away, from these flames 

Now it's my turn, now it's my turn 
to say goodbye, to hear you cry 
And to watch you die 

You beg for mercy now 
But did you ever show any for me? 
You killed me more than once 
And enjoyed my tears 
As you danced on my grave 
You'll know just how it felt, to be 
There like me, to be left and forgotten 
You'll see just how I lived, to be 
Tortured blind, and then thrown away...