Playing The Liar

Diva Destruction

Couldn't stand to see me happy
Couldn't stand to watch me leave
But you don't really want me back now
You just want to watch me bleed, me
Bleed, mind games, mind games, your
Mind games never end, they never end
Playing with fire, playing the liar, you
Always did just want us both, lies lies lies
Playing with fire, Playing the liar, you're
Always selfish as can be, lies lies lies
Here we go once again now, your mind

Games never end, you want your cake
& me too, you always want it all, it all now, 
Cheater, cheater, a cheater always cheats
They always cheat, they always cheat
Not enough to rule the goth scene, you
Want to rule me too, industrial god to all
Your music's as sick as you, as you now
Selfish, selfish, your selfishness is sick
It's always sick, it's always sick