The Greatest


I'm a workaholic
success doesn't come chillin' in yo lazy boy
sippin' gin n' tonic
in te back of my brand new pimped gut out range rover
stop smokin' chronic
don't work yourself, you work yourself, slow down homie, don't
you burn yourself
k's gotta little guote for bitches like yourself 
yeah, I bet you feel me

tu dis que tu es un gangster
little pussy bitch
on m'a dit que tu es un wanster
et dans le dos tu snitch
te fais pas passer pour ce que t'es pas 
devant lea k.p.o.n.e.i.n.c.t'as pas de poids
homie, oublie le fake et la frime
ne confond surtout pas le toc et l'or
l'argent et le platine
arréte ton cinema boy
we're looking at you 
ta wannaba good life
bitch, we don't belive you

shoartey, you're fuckin' with the greatest
shoartey, you're rockin' the latest, thuggish shit 

no need to front, the game is over now
and all my gonstas across the world
if you can feel me, homie, holla back
yo, cheers to you coz we're livin' it up

you're now fucking with the best c'est le k au mic
 pour mettre du poids au fight 
get more money, it gets too funny
si je pese lourd en affaire
i get more honey
j'suis un dealer de monnaie,
dis leur que tu me connais
que la deviseest claire
no do gets you lonely
pour nous c'est everyday, all day
et t'as k-maro, divin, we're too hot

we started broke, with a little passion
nobody shared our vision
time flies, we're on top of the world
droppin' platinium shizzel all over the clubs
what you see is what you get homie
what you get is nothin' phony
anotha day anotha dollar it seems
with the million dollar boy, we the winniest team