Empty Corner

The Stone

Ain´t I so nice, mother you´re so wise
I´ll satisfy your will
You´ve tied me tight, but I won´t fight
Because I don´t dare to try

A holy place disgrace,
after having been a bad bad boy

You like to see me cry, fact you can´t deny - Mother I ask you why?
If I hurt your honour, you push me back into my corner

You want to protect me from the wicked world outside
You keep me in your empire of glass and I´m your pride

I dream of breaking the glass and stepping into unknown
But do I have strength to pull myself over the wall of fear
What would happen to my mother? Would I hurt your feelings?
Would you still take me back if I missed you too much?

Spoke up my mind, mother you´re not so kind
I´m back in the corner
I´m begging thanksgiving, "you must be kidding"
Guessed I did disappoint you
Oh mommy, I´m so sorry...

A holy place disgrace,
after having been a bad bad boy

To this white sheep, raising stuck cuts too deep
I think I´m done
The cuts will bleed `cos you don´t have
What they really need

You wanted to protect me from my dream world outside
You kept me in your empire of glass, say bye to your pride

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