Rape Of Time

Ivory Tower

Faster than speed of light, time is cash, time is ripe
For everything we want to be, for everything we long to see
Come on, come on where do you go? Don't look back we need to grow
If you want yourself to thrive just stay twenty-five

Don't get used to the old, there's too many to be sold
No time to dwell, time to rest, we rape time at its best
This crazy highway we call life is just the biggest alibi
To overtake, to steal, to fool, to rape time

Cannot win, can't live with it, need something to handle it
Just come on, give me a hug, slip me anabolic drugs
A needle for my way to mars by doping I could reach the stars
Lame excuses show a bit, everyone is doing it

(Like there was no tomorrow)

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