In Magnificent Glory


Hidden away, enthralled silenced sleep
Dreaming, lying dormant chaos

Hear the thunderous hooves from below,
Of one thousand hooves from below,
Rising up through the darkness
Waking to fulfill true destiny
To destroy all that is holy

Smashin the sky
Splitting wide the starvault
Forward into battle
To conquer the flesh

Shedding this mortal skin
To set free our dark plague
To slay the ones who oppose

Surrounded by violence fury and death
We shall stand as the darkness prevails
Crushing the essence of purity
Iron and steel are forged of the blood

Completed the transformation
Doorways to unforseen dark dimensions
Unlocked to unleash cloven hordes

Take heed what shall come to pass
It has been forseen
Through ancient writs of prophecy
Winged legions rise in blasphemy
It has been forseen

Burning star of satans might
The open eye of portal of flight
Time and space colide
It has been forseen

Flaming winds of lunar frost
Scorch the earth as we destroy
Casting darkness upon this world
It has been forseen

We shall rule in darkness
Killing to feed the burning desire
Triumphant frozen kingdom
It has been forseen

Hordes of darkness united by hatred
Awakened from our timeless sleep
Released from centuries of torment
Seeking revenge

Legions of sacrilege
Enter thy kingdom og worldly flesh
To destro all that is holy

Legions of sacrilege
Enter thy kingdom of worldly flesh
To destroy all that is holy

Magnificent in our glory
Demonic fog flourishes the face of the earth
Chaos torment pain

The mortal flesh of this world
Lies scattered, burnt and destroyed

Magnificent in our glory
Riding on fury and venegance
And shall fall trampled under cloven hooves