What A Day Day


It's great to see the people that you saw yesterday! 
See them today, and say "Hey!" "Hey", then say, and you
Go on your way-
It's great to be the people that they saw yesterday! 

Hey! Oh, hey! 
The ex-boyfriends are cowering inside the SA
When Hitler marches down Lyndale like the Champs-Elysses

I declare today to be "What-a-Day" Day! 
"What-a-Day" Day! 

If you need me call my lawyer... 
I'm going where the stoplights turn green for ya... 

I declare today to be "What-a-Day" Day! 
"What-a-Day" Day! "What-a-Day" Day! 

"Hall-o Sheriff!" "Hell-o Mayor!"
Later Rinse Repeat...

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