I've never had something mess me up like this. It changed everything, my surroundings. The world came falling and my face went with it. You were a sunset, I was a hurricane. I can't ever remember missing you like this. I changed everything, I abandoned you. I pushed the button to trigger the end of the world. You are a sunset, and I was a hurricane.

Say what you want, but I'm still fine. Change the world? Not before I lose my mind. Say what you want, but it's still me. Changed for sure, but nothing's holding me back.

All the words in my mouth couldn't tell you about this. Letter by letter they're pulling out my insides. I take back everything. I brought along the cloud to rain on your parade.

For once I was tall; bigger than all of them, I was a man, you should have seen me. And for all this time I've had my eyes shut to arms that are open.

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