Showbiz & A.G.

Here's the introduction, yes my man, he's on production
Veterans bringing that medicine like Robitussin
Snakes tremble and resemble earthquakes
Go against the crates, your body catch the shakes
Your mailman ain't got what I'm delivering
I say Robin ain't knowing about the hood that I'm living in
Giving in? Never, I go all out when I climb
The bottom line is that I'm terror
You'll get scarred, cause I'm coming hard with the rhythm
Couldn't maintain, need help, say "God won't you give in?"
We drop facts, over raw tracks that's starring me
And Show, they don't know, they sound as if R&B
Loot will come later if we stay true now
But some can't stay true cause they don't know how
Peep it, you'll be gone before we bomb
Show & A representing uptown, check your math, that's heal on
You'll get peed on cause we already shitted
Here's the cure for hip-hop, the medicine, so come and get it

It's the medicine, this is how we swing it
Suckers want noise, I advise them to bring it  (Repeat 4x)

The second chapter will capture
All cool verse two, I'm a burst crew like I capped ya
Forget the fame cause my aim is deniro
Got the heart for this art with the smarts like Shapiro
A pharoah, here's the medicine, see the arrow
The Fellas, the Neighbors, and the Ghetto Dwellas
>From New York to Missouri
My glory is handshakes and hugs that shows that your rooting for me
Attack like Cujo, fat like a sumo
Pulling mommies like Menudo cause I'm numero uno
Getting paid out my coolo
So if you didn't know before, now you do know

It's the medicine, this is how we swing it
Suckers want noise, I advise them to bring it  (Repeat 4x)

Now I'm bulding with my man, stranded on the rocks
I'm telling lies to my vision, peeping out the box
Near the top with some niggas with no skills
If your videos didn't have them hoes, would you still get them record sales?
You can fool the majority, but the minority
Keeps it raw like all y'all in poverty
It's hard to be the man, they try to tie down both hands
I gotta use my brain, maintain and expand
Some don't like what I do, I say fuck it, they're critics, too
Don't contemplate with them, I just concentrate on you

Now it's the medicine, this is how I swing it
A brother want the noise, I advise them just to bring it  (Repeat 4x)