One-Eye you gave life to me
To betray me and take it away

Nine worlds will breathe with fire
When Odin calls my spirit home
To join his army of the slain
To ward the earth from Asgard's bane

The fallen gods who came before
And left the earth in darkened skies
To hide the truth from northern kind
And spread the deadly southern lies

Many kingdoms rise and fall
While norht star guides eternal night
To seed the next ones, future kin
To generations, northern light

My father... my father will take me away
One-Eye you gave song to me
You carried my children away

No man should see his children die
My legacy to burn with me
My words will last eternal suns
That gift at least had come from thee

The Southern ones who dwell in fire
Their dead tongues speak in woes and lies
Our children drown in seas of hate
Godsaga's song must hear their cries

My tales and words eternal songs
In carved runes that will never die
Etched in stone to last forever
Raised again to distant skies

My father... my father will take me away

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