The Way (The Path Less Chosen)


Silently I wait in answer, searching for the key
Elder souls of time forgotten, searching to be free
Spinning forth my soul child further, far beyond this world
Unleash the lost sun, burning brighter, let it light my way!

To guide me on my way
Let it light my way
To guide me on my way

Drifting far beyond the sea
Shadows dark and soulless be
Falling through the sky forever
Spinning sign of now and ever

Oaths are broken, bonds forgotten, the blood has run its course
The line of Men now long forgotten, severed from its source
A new breed dawns, the Northern child, is born on watchful eyes
The nine kings raise their sceptres high, let it light his way!

To guide him on his way
Let it light his way
To guide him on his way