Life's A Bitch

Modern Day Escape

So Hang on You get What You give
Welcome to the Wild Ride
Sometimes Life Can be a Bitch

The Storeis and the Tales
One Chances and the Fails
It Will all Be Okay If You
Believe in Yourself

The journeys and the Scars 
Is What We're Living For
Some Things will Come And Go
It Makes Us Who We Are
The Stories and the Tales
And Chances and The Fails

Don't Let it knock You Down
If you Fall and Hit The Ground
Stand Right Back Up Again
Hold Your Head Up High
Enough To Reach The Sky
And Don't fall down

When Life's Got You Down
Don't feel Sorry for Yourself
Don't Get Lost in the Emotions
Don't Ever Regret
Keep your Feet on the Ground
Keep your Head in the Clouds
And Keep on Going

So Hang on to your own self be True
Don't Ever lose Hope
Don't Ever lose You