Blair Witch

Surfer Blood

Reaching for sour grapes
Reaching for sour grapes
If I can't taste and get my fill
Then no one will
If I can't touch, if I can't touch you
I don't know what to do

Feels like we're both in love
Wedding bells ring above
And I need love more than anyone
I'm the prodigal son
And I need love, but the more I see love
The more I need love

You reach me unequipped
For the tenderness you bring
You cannot leave tonight
Just to give your disguises away

All your words of wanting
Are somewhere in love's dream
A powerful tool
A pleasant smile, an excuse for love

Looked in the mirror today
Then I got scared away
Oh I need love
No affection for my reflection
Oh I need love
Cause I can't guilt it, never forgive myself

You reach me unequipped
For the tenderness you bring
It tastes like sour grapes
And it feels like a terrible waste

I'll let you go
Before you know
Before you know I was happy on my own
So when in doubt
Don't burn 'em out
There's some things you can live without