Broomstick Cowboy

Goldsboro Bobby

Dream on
Little Broomstick Cowboy
Of rocket ships and mars
Of sunny days
And Willie Mays
And chocolate candy bars

Dream on
Little Broomstick Cowboy
Dream while you can
Of big green frogs
And puppy dogs
And castles in the sand

For all too soon you’ll waken
Your toys will all be gone
Your broomstick horse will ride away
To find another home

And you’ll have grown
Into a man
With cowboys of your own
And then you’ll have
To go to war
To try and save your home

And then you’ll have to learn to hate
You’ll have to learn to kill
It’s always been that way, My Son
I guess it always will

No broomstick gun they’ll hand you
No longer you’ll pretend
You’ll call some man your enemy
You used to call him friend

And when the rockets thunder
You’ll hear your brothers cry
And through it all you’ll wonder
Just why they had to die

So dream on
Little Broomstick Cowboy
Dream while you can
For soon you’ll be
A dreadful thing
My son
You’ll be a man