Spring Divorce

Planes Mistaken For Stars

Cornered, drawn and quartered
You've forever bound this beast to you
And when we sleep, it sharpens its teeth
It licks its jowls and, threatens to gnaw free
Oh my angel, are you scared, are you scorned?
Has your faith been shaken too deeply to ignore?
There is one step stolen for every taken forward
There's two prides and three lives breaking
If you're keeping score
Oh my angel, are you sick or are you bored
Of the lines we've drawn to fall in
When the feeling is more than we can afford?
Just past the point where we let go
Lies a truth, and a love
Bigger than what you alone, and bigger than what I alone
Could ever know
Lover don't go
Don't go, don't go, don't go, don't
Are you scared, are you scorned, are you sick, are you bored?
Do you feel cheated, do you feel worn?
Is this not what you signed on for?
Oh my love

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